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  • ADHD
  • Executive Function Weakness
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia
  • Auditory and Visual Processing Disorders
  • Gifted Students, Twice Exceptional
  • Anyone who wants to make a change and manage their personal and academic lives better!

All of Our Programming Focuses on Accountability and Follow Through to Help Your Student Reach New Heights!

Below are just some of our Specializations.

Our Coaches Have Advanced Training to Build Your Student a Customizable Program.

Pandemic Recovery

  • COVID-19 severely impacted student developmental and educational progress. In addition to educational delays, the pandemic also impacted the mental health of students. Many schools lifted deadlines and requirements leaving students without the needed skills to navigate post pandemic education.

  • Our program will identify and build these missing skills to close these learning gaps, whether it is rebooting pre-pandemic skills or creating new ones. Coaching helps students to use their strengths to reach new goals and awareness that positively contributes to their lives as a whole.

The Gifted


  • Gifted students are often overlooked by the school system leaving them frustrated, overwhelmed, and full of stress. They often feel a high sense of pressure to perform or struggle with depressive feelings of not measuring up to expectations.

  • Our clients stop seeing themselves as being disconnected socially and feel more confident with their abilities and sharing them with others. Our coaches have training to address the anxiety, shame, and perfectionism many gifted students struggle with.



  • Students currently failing classes or on academic probation are particularly vulnerable to overwhelm and shut down. It can seem like a time of no hope. We never want anyone to lose their dream!

  • Your student's coach will create an individualized remediation plan which includes identifying priority assignments, breaking things into incremental steps, and advocating with teachers and professors. Our coaches have worked with many different school systems and universities to know the ins and outs of support and offerings to help give your student the best possible scenario.

Competitive Athletes

  • Student athletes face long hours, rigorous scheduling, and high pressure. They have limited extra energy and free time. Weak executive function skills such as poor planning, balance, and overwhelm can impact athletic and academic performance.

  • Our coaches offer flexible scheduling and many of them were college athletes, so they understand the pressure of the student athlete. We can help preserve athletic eligibility or get a student back on track.

College Navigation

  • College years can be the most exciting time, but also stressful to get into the right classes and find your niche on campus. Our coaches can help to navigate scheduling, resources, and extracurriculars on campus.

  • There are many hidden opportunities on campus for students to help with their academic success and social life. Let us help your student thrive on campus!

Newly or Not Yet Diagnosed

  • Are you in the process of looking into ADHD diagnosis or newly diagnosed? We know this is a time of feeling overwhelmed. After diagnosis you may be thinking what is next?

  • Our coaches can support you and your student through this process. We have walked many families through the process of testing and getting supports through their school or university. We can help to find additional supports and help your student to understand their diagnosis and find new strengths.

Artistic, Creative Student

  • Art and creativity is often where we see the superpowers of neurodivergence shine, but creatives face their own executive function challenges. Hyperfocus, divergent thinking, and even impulsivity are strengths in the creative world, but many creative students are held back by weak time management, planning, motivation, and lack of routine.

  • Whether your student is a painter, dancer, active in theater, or any of the arts they will work with a coach who understands the unique strengths and challenges they face. We will help them build routine, structure, planning, and organization into their lives. Creative students often bubble with imagination and ideas, but struggle to get started.

Homeschool Student

  • Homeschooling can be an excellent atmosphere for neurodivergent students, but it also often comes with significant challenges made more difficult when a parent is the one giving directions. Students who struggle with distractions, time blindness, and poor organization can create frustration for parents and themselves leading to incomplete work, overwhelm, and arguing.

  • We have coaches specially trained in coaching for homeschooled students and they will customize a program that capitalizes on your student's strengths and minimizes weaknesses. We will help a student create a solid routine and maximize their workspace. We also assist students in exploring clubs and activities for social emotional development.

STEM Student

  • Whether it is engineering, technology, or pre-med the demands of these programs are enormous and we so often see these students struggling with depression, anxiety, overwhelm, and shut down. The gifts of hyperfocus, divergent thinking, problem solving, and risk taking are often overshadowed by poor planning, procrastination, lack of organization, and daily structure. These are often highly competitive majors with rigid expectations.

  • We will custom build your student’s coaching plan to help them get on top of deadlines, break down complex projects and material into manageable steps, and explore strategies to boost working memory. We also help them manage anxiety and build resilience.

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....Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There's plenty of movement, but you never know if it's going to be forward, backwards or sideways....ADHD coaching helps move your goals forward.

Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way. -George Evans

ADHD Coaching for Executive Function Challenges

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