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"I wish we had done this years ago, but the future is looking bright thanks to you and your team!"

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work you have done with Connor. It’s like he’s a completely different person now. After just a few months, not only is he better organized and engaged, he’s made a huge change in how he gets along with and communicates with his family. His semester grades were really good, he can find stuff now, and his car is fairly clean. I wish we had done this years ago, but the future is looking bright thanks to you and your team!" - James, Parent of College Student

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Delaying coaching means a missed opportunity in the critical development of the rest of your child’s life. Summer is the perfect time to start building a solid foundation - Your student holds a universe of potential within them, and as parents, we have the power to unlock their future.


Over Half of All Students Diagnosed with ADHD are Also Diagnosed with Significant Mental Health Concerns - Don't Miss an Opportunity to Change the Course of Your Student's Life!


It is normal for students to resist help from parents, but thrive with a coach!

  • Teenagers and young adults are biologically wired to start tuning out their parents.

  • Parents and students have an emotional connection. When we try to help as parents it often means arguments and students less willing to be honest.

  • Students want to be independent! Working outside of the parental relationship means students are more open to share their ideas and be accountable for choices.

An ACTION BASED APPROACH for teens, college students and Adults!

Evidence Based Program Means Students Succeed!


of college students passed all their classes after a semester of coaching, including Academic Probation students.


of high school students passed their classes after a semester of coaching.


of students report feeling more organized and independent within 2 months of starting the program.


of students report they are making progress towards their goals within 2 months of starting our program.

Planning and Prioritizing

Overwhelm is the leading cause of shut down for students. Coaches help guide students through assessing workloads, breaking down tasks, and creating an action plan to get things completed while also having a plan for accountability.

Emotional Regulation

ADHD and Executive Function Challenges can make regulating emotions difficult. Coaches work individually with students to create strategies for managing overwhelm, anxiety, and self defeating thoughts.


Managing time does not come naturally for many students. Coaches will work 1:1 with students to create awareness and strategies for procrastination, time blindness, and formulating time estimates and schedules.


Organization is a key component of combating the overwhelm so many of our students face. Coaches will work with a student to identify and implement organizational strategies that are right for them not only for their materials and physical space, but also their thoughts and steps!

Executive Function Skills Can Be Impacted By:


ADHD can impair executive functioning by weakening working memory, making it hard to follow instructions or complete tasks

Undermining self-regulation and emotional control, leading to impulsive behavior and mood swings

Complicating planning and prioritization, resulting in procrastination and difficulty organizing tasks


Anxiety can synergistically disrupt executive functioning by exacerbating difficulties in concentration and memory recall, heightening impulsivity and emotional dysregulation, and impairing the ability to plan, prioritize, and execute tasks efficiently due to overwhelming worry and inattention.


Depression can severely impair executive functioning by diminishing motivation and energy, complicating task initiation and completion, exacerbating difficulties in concentration and decision-making, and intensifying challenges in managing emotions and maintaining focus on goals.


Being Neurodivergent can lead to a unique set of executive functioning challenges, including diverse cognitive processing styles that may affect task execution and problem-solving, variability in focus and engagement levels, and distinct approaches to organizing and prioritizing tasks, all of which can be obstacles in managing daily activities and achieving goals

Does Your Student?

  • Wait until the last minute to get started?
  • Consistently miss deadlines or not hand in work?
  • Struggling with high anxiety or perfectionism?
  • Disorganized or lacks a thought out approach?
  • Say things are finished, but they are not started?
  • Is resistant to help?

Are You Ready To?

  • Trust What Your Student Tells You?
  • Have a conversation that does not end in an argument?
  • Stop trying to manage your day and theirs?
  • Give your own anxiety and hypervigilance a rest?
  • Take joy in their accomplishments?
  • Feel confident about your child’s future?


Successfully used to coach thousands of clients since 2010 by published Author, Speaker, and Board Certified Coach, Michelle Raz.

Accountability is key in our program - we hold students accountable to the action plans they create using positive psychology techniques.


In a post Covid-19 world our students are lacking in accountability and hands-on guidance from people trained to help them effectively. Our coaches are experienced life and academic coaches with specialized training in executive function skill development. Unlike tutors and therapists, coaches are here to develop skills, habits and routines to help you make a lasting change.


Results are tracked and measurable so students and parents can follow the progress that’s made.

Parent and Student Monthly Progress Updates!


Every student’s coaching plan is customized to meet their goals. ‘One size fits all’ DOES NOT WORK. That’s why coaches design an action plan around a client’s specific and unique abilities and challenges.

Coaching Academics


Don’t allow the gap of weak executive function skills to continue sabotaging your student. You have the power to set the stage for a lifetime of success and resilience!
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....Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There's plenty of movement, but you never know if it's going to be forward, backwards or sideways....ADHD coaching helps move your goals forward.

Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way. -George Evans

ADHD Coaching for Executive Function Challenges

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