John R.

John loves being part of the Raz, Coaching Academics team because like Coaching Academics, John believes that each student is unique and needs a different tacit to reach success. John has worked within mental health support and advocacy with high school and college students for the past 10 years, especially in the field of anxiety and trauma-informed practices. John’s approach to coaching is to understand the full student and what they care about so he can help not only student’s academics improve, but also feel more confident in their abilities outside of the classroom. Coaching is a two-way street and John enjoys learning from his students as well, while providing a fun and safe environment for students to grow.

John is from New York City, which is the perfect place as he prides himself on being a history buff, film nerd, and travel aficionado. John really enjoys seeing any new movie that is at the theater (no matter what the genre) and taking weekend trips to explore new places.